AboutThe Client

The Real Estate market in Nigeria is a large and fast-growing one. Unlike in the past where only a few smart, elderly and wealthy people took the initiative to invest in Real Estate and enjoyed all the returns alone, today many more Nigerians- young and old- from different works of life have become more aware of the high possibility of becoming wealthy or financially independent through Real Estate investments and are entering the industry.
This massive influx both of buyers and developers into the industry resulted in two major unfortunate outcomes amidst the many obvious positive outcomes. First off is the presence of many investors (buyers) with little or no knowledge of the intricacies of Real Estate investment; what to look out for when buying a property, what documents a property should have, how to ensure maximum returns from such investments etc. as a result they fall into the hands of insincere and dubious developers who take advantage of their ignorance or negligence and give them investments that leave them with a skidded knee (investment wise).
Second then is a struggle for patronage and recognition by standard and reliable developers as a result of the drowning loudness of insincere developers and their unrealistic offers. So there are many prospect distracted by the wrong developers and the right developers have to struggle with providing quality services and getting customers who would be willing to invest with them irrespective of the consequent effects of maintaining quality on price.
This exact point is where the role Propstead Brokerage plays becomes very much needed and in fact indispensable. Propstead Ltd stands as a bridge; a representative of both buyers and sellers of Real Estate in every Real Estate transaction. Ensuring that developers commit to providing quality projects and services and also matching up prospective investors with sincere and reliable developers.